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Suzanne Reeves

Co-Founder & CEO, Unicorn Fuel

Suzanne has over two decades of design experience, a degree in Psychology from the University of Toronto and a BFA from Emily Carr University in Vancouver. Suzanne has led design & dev teams, worked on multi-million dollar projects, and spent 10 years running a 6-figure design firm as a solopreneur. She has been integrating cutting-edge technologies like AI and no code into her workflow for many years.


With over two decades of experience in the digital design industry, Suzanne possesses a unique blend of creativity, technical expertise, and an innate understanding of the human element.  

Early in her career, Suzanne led a team of designers and developers at an international urban planning & engineering firm where she brought to life a vision for the future of Saudi Arabia as part of the Master Plan for Mecca.

Since then, she's spent 10 years running a 6-figure design firm as a solopreneur: launching a youth mental fitness app, designing a socially-conscious ecommerce platform, and consulting with founders to take their businesses to the next level with strategic branding, communications and go-to-market strategies.

"Early stage founders tend to focus on the right things, but in the wrong order and at the wrong time."

Suzanne has spent thousands of hours uncovering how to move early stage founders to launch faster and the tech stacks and techniques that can accelerate the creative process, including no code and AI-powered tools.

Suzanne conceived of Unicorn Fuel as a way apply those insights to help founders level up their businesses, while avoiding common early stage mistakes. Suzanne is driven to help launch the next generation of unicorns who want to level up by combining strategy and design with operations and building.

Fun facts: Suzanne and Kirk are also life partners and got married this summer on beautiful Vancouver Island. Both were born in the US and now live in Canada. They recently moved to Victoria, BC, after living for many years in Toronto, Ontario.

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Terri Maxwell
CEO, Succeed on Purpose

Suzanne is extremely talented and went above and beyond for us. Our conversions almost doubled over the last year. I chose her to lead this project as I knew she could provide a fresh creative perspective while not losing sight of the business objectives.

Kadon Douglas
Former Marketing Director, WIFT-T

People loved the site—they were like ”this brings a fresh new energy to us.” Members started to come back and saw themselves as part of it. The size of our membership doubled. She had a real understanding of who we are and what our goals were. She understood the connection we needed to make with our members.

Jim Kupczyk
Founder & CEO, Mindful Market

I've lost count of the number of people who have raved to me about how much they love the brand, website and video. Suzanne took my vision and brought it to life. She knew exactly what needed to happen. Everything was flawless. ‍ Suzanne is a kind, authentic soul whose integrity is off the charts. Her work is brilliant. I am both grateful and blessed to have worked with her.

Stacy Bambrick
Office Lead, RSM Canada

Suzanne is an absolute powerhouse in ALL sense of the word. Working together in a small SaaS startup can prove both challenging and rewarding at a rapid pace but Suzanne always did it was grace and positive determination. A true treasure to behold is witnessing her craft in motion. The thoughtfulness she brought in every aspect of the product design, not only elevated the product but also the culture of the team as a whole. Eloquently knitting together product design, graphics, storytelling and team culture in such a thought provoking and inspirational way make Suzanne a true leader.